Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.



If we have a special song or piece of music we would like played, can you learn it and adapt it for guitar? 


Yes. Most pieces of music and popular songs are very successfully adapted for classical guitar, and I will learn any piece (if I don't already know it), provided some notice is given in order for me to learn/memorise the piece.

Some clients who don't have a specific preference, have requested that I play a predominately lively or romantic set; or have left it to my discretion to play a mix of classical and contemporary music.

I am happy to discuss any musical requirements.



Do you use amplification?


A small, high quality amp is usually needed to lift the sound as guests congregate, so that people are aware of the live music, but not so much that it becomes intrusive or drowns out conversation.



Is any special equipment required?


No. I provide all the necessary equipment. I just need access to a power point, and I use a long extension lead if needed. I use a high quality 60 watt classical guitar amp, reproducing an authentic sound, which can be clearly heard by up to 400 guests but without being intrusive.


Can you play outside?


Yes. If a mains power source is not available, I use a battery powered amplifier. This proved very useful when I was asked to play at a beach wedding.


Can you play at large events?


Yes. I can play for over a hundred people. My amplifier will reproduce the natural sound of the classical guitar even if the volume control needs to be set high. 


I adjust the volume as needed during a performance to strike the right balance between being heard and yet not being intrusive.


I have also played for small gatherings with no more than ten people. 


How far will you travel?


I normally play at weddings and events in the south west, but I will travel further afield if travelling expenses are considered.



How much do you charge?


For an approximate 2 hour performance in Cornwall I consider £200 a fair and competitive price for a professional performance.



Outside of Cornwall or if I am required to play for less than 2 hours, an appropriate fee can be negotiated.


I usually ask for a small deposit in advance.


Do you have public liability insurance?


Yes. Some venues ask to see the insurance certificate, and I am happy to provide it.


Why should I choose a classical guitarist for my wedding/event?


Guitar music is an extremely versatile option for a wedding as many popular songs and well known tunes are instantly recognisible when adapted for guitar.


For example songs like "Your Song" by Elton John, or "Fields of Gold" by Sting, sound just as effective when their melodies are played on a solo guitar, as a piece like "Cavatina", which was specially written for the instrument.


The resulting music provides a far more authentic and complete sound than if played on a piano, or by a string quartet.


Having a solo musician is also more cost effective as the expenses of 4 or more people would have to be considered if a string quartet or a band were used. I need very little room to perform, so if space is an issue, having a solo muscian playing a small instrument would be an ideal choice.