Guitar Tuition


I want to share and pass on to you the great passion I have for this wonderful instrument and hopefully persuade you to think about learning how to play it.

I’m especially keen to reach out to those people who may think that they aren’t that musical and to those who always wanted to learn to play an instrument but never got round to it.  It’s never too late to start!

As an experienced guitar tutor, I pay close attention to the common difficulties that aspiring guitarists will face as we progress. I have developed strategies to overcome the technical and physical problems involved with learning, rather than relying solely on the advice to “Just keep practising” that you find with most other teaching methods or instruction books.

I offer one to one tuition for all ages in classical, flamenco, finger picking folk styles, ukulele and electric guitar in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


With a new  student, I place great emphasis on holding the instrument correctly, achieving the correct posture playing in a slow and strict rhythmic tempo, and then setting them a simple melody to play, which  gives an immediate sense of achievement.                             

The guitar is one of the most versatile of instruments, and after initial lessons I encourage students to choose some of their favourite songs to learn to play.  I will then teach them a version which is suitable for their level of competency which they can recognise and enjoy.

I recognise that some students will progress quicker than others.  Many have an ambition to strum the guitar with a steady rhythm whilst smoothly changing chords. Some may find this relatively easy, while for others this will be too challenging at first. I have found that the easiest way in to playing the guitar is to start with the classical technique with easy melodies picked out on one or two strings with the right hand, and then gradually using the left hand to hold down individual strings. Once the early stages of classical technique are achieved, students can then either stay with the classical style or choose whichever style they are interested in. 


For younger children, I teach the ukulele which is ideally suited for smaller hands, an excellent instrument to produce quick and encouraging results and so acts as the perfect stepping stone to the guitar.

I believe learning the classical guitar or acoustic folk and blues playing, (either fingerpicking or with a plectrum) is the most rewarding style for those who wish to play the guitar on its own, without the intention to join a band or use the guitar as an accompaniment for singing. I teach the Trinity guildhall grades for this purpose and students can choose to enter for the exams and attain a recognised certificate or progress through the grades with an informal assessment from me. Some understanding of musical notation is required for this and all the students I have taught have been able to grasp the basic essentials of reading music.

Many students have come to me with a specific aim, such as learning how to play electric lead guitar, using a plectrum for strumming or flat picking styles, wanting to strum and change chords smoothly, or needing some music theory to help them with song writing.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player looking to take your playing to the next level, I am sure I can help you fulfil your musical goals here at the studio.